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Country Magazine - Good Neighbors blog

A nice interview with Audra Mulkern about her Female Farmer Project which documents women in agriculture. 

Tasting Room magazine features Island Brebis

Rustic wheels of Island Brebis, a richly satisfying sheep’s milk cheese produced by Glendale Shepherd Farms on South Whidbey Island (photo by Marco Ricca)

Click here to view the pages as actually published in Washington Tasting Room Magazine.

GLENDALE SHEPHERD farm owners Lynn and Stan Swanson, along with their son Erik, wouldn’t dream of making cheese with milk from anybody’s sheep other than their own.  They honor the farmstead tradition of raising and milking their own animals and creating artisanal small-batch cheeses on their 80-acre Whidbey Island farm that overlooks Saratoga Passage.  With forest, pasture, ponds and meadows, the farm provides a diversity of habitat for their herd of 50 milking sheep, a mixture of European East Friesian and Lacaune dairy cross-breeds.


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