Our 70 milking sheep are a mixture of European East Friesian and Lacaune dairy breeds crossed with a variety of North American breeds. Only the finest quality non-GMO hays and natural grains are used to supplement their diets, and the rich, sweet, Grade A milk our sheep produce is always free from antibiotics, additives and preservatives. We produce all of our own milk that we use for making cheese.

Island Brebis, our flagship cheese and 2014 Good Food Award winner, is a whole sheep’s milk tomme that is aged from 6 months to 1 year. The rustic wheels, weighing 3 – 5 pounds, are washed, brushed and turned to develop a natural golden brown rind. It has a smooth, creamy interior that is aromatic and dense. The flavor is pleasingly complex with rich layers of sweet, nutty and herbaceous tones. Pairs well with a variety of wines and hard ciders. We also love it with IPAs. 

Saratoga Passage is a washed curd style sheep's milk cheese that has a deep, rich and sweetly nutty flavor with a wonderful lactic acidity for balance. Wheels weighing 4 - 5 pounds are aged 6 - 12 months. 

Aged FetaThe rich complex flavors of our sheep's milk are complemented by long aging in brine to make this classic feta.  

Woodsman is a farmhouse style sheep's milk cheese that is aged 8 - 12 months. With extra aging this cheese is wonderful grated or shaved over pasta or salad.  

White Cap is a surface ripened soft cheese with an ivory exterior and a smooth, melt in your mouth interior. The flavor strikes a lovely balance between the sweetness of spring time sheep's milk and the pleasant lactic tartness of freshly fermented curd.  

Tallulah, 1st place winner of the 2016 Washington Artisan Cheese Festival, is a washed rind, soft ripened sheep's milk cheese with a creamy interior and the famous aroma of b.linens. The taste is smooth, mild and nutty. 

Fresh Sheep's Milk Cheese (Brebis Frais) is spreadable, rich and buttery. A favorite on bagels and crackers, this versatile cheese can accent both sweet and savory foods. 

Yogurt: Rich and tangy, this whole sheep's milk yogurt is great with fruit or served to compliment a savory curried dish. Sold in glass jars and available in two sizes; 32 ounce, and 16 ounce.

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